Good Girls came to life because the only way change things, is to try and do it better...

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And Good Girls ALWAYS do it better!

My mission is

Transparency, loyalty, and really solid work.

Why team up with me?

Because I understand you, I’ve been where you are and I know how frustrating and overwhelming the technical side of creating a website can be.

I get it.

And I have the technical skill and knowledge to help you, without overwhelming you with geek speak and making you feel silly.

My number 1 priority is to help you succeed.

I offer web design services for small businesses that aren’t going to break the bank. I also offer ways of keep the costs down if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and doing some of the work yourself!

I also play nicely with others. I’m not a designer, but I work closely with Heather from Spark & Wild who I strongly recommend for all of your branding and design needs. She can help you choose your color pallets and fonts as well as finding you the perfect stock images.

I can also recommend social media managers, virtual assistants and copywriters who are all trustworthy and affordable.

Who is the Good Girl?

I’m Claire, and I’ve had an eclectic career path, to say the least…

I began my working life as a professional dancer before joining the armed forces (yes I know, pretty big change!). Then, after a couple of years of calling a Royal Navy warship home, I decided it was time for a change so I returned to dance after completing a degree in Dance Theatre followed by a post graduate certificate in Education.

After leaving university at 29 I founded Exim Dance Company in the UK and worked for several years in the dance sector as an established producer. In this roll I covered fundraising to managing nationwide dance events, and everything in between. If I had to list all of the skills I learnt during my years as the Artistic Director of Exim and Senior Producer for Plymouth Dance, I’d be here all day. 

IMAGE: founder Claire Summers sits in a hanging chair in Tulum | About Good Girls | web design services for small business
IMAGE: Woman sitting with feet on table on a laptop | About Good Girls | web design services for small business
IMAGE Founder Claire Summers sat in front of the London Eye | About Good Girls | web design services for small business

I took a lot of risks, made many mistakes, and learned so much during my first years on the road. Along side teaching English online I started a travel blog, which eventually turned into my job.

I currently live in Mexico, when I’m not traveling and writing about it on my  travel blog Claire’s Itchy Feet.

It was through Claire’s Itchy Feet I learned how to build and maintain websites, write for SEO. I loved it so much, that when friends started asking me to help them build websites I said yes. Then friends started telling others, or people would ask who built their website, and I started getting referrals. 

After two years of building websites and offering SEO services, I decided it was finally time to make it official. And that’s when Good Girls came to life, to offer web design services for small businesses just like yours!

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