My Portfolio...

Here on this page is where I’ve linked to some of my favorite websites that I’ve helped to create. Please do click through the links or click the images so you can go and explore the website for yourself. 

All of the websites on this page were part of my small business website design packages which you can find more information about here.

You will also find testimonials from my clients about to the work we have done together.

Please do get in contact with me if you have any questions at all.

Claire's Itchy Feet

Claire’s Itchy Feet is where I learned everything I know about creating websites and SEO. 

My blog has had many makeovers over the years, but I’m very proud of how it looks right now thanks to the help of Spark & Wild who helped me by giving my branding an overhaul.

On the site you will find the main blog, resource pages, and a shop.

Aditha Wellness

Nisha was a total joy to work with and this site was created with Spark & Wild. Heather worked wit Nisha intensively to bring her vision to life. During her design intensive Heather came up with the logo, branding colors, fonts and some wonderful mood boards which really helped me to bring everything to life on her website.

This website is to promote her mobile massage in Berlin services and so it has an integrated booking system so Nisha can take payment for her services and clients can book massages all through her site. 

Nisha Bhakoo

This is the second site I created for Nisha to promote her writing, sell signed copies of her contemporary poetry books, and promote her editing services. 

Nisha wanted something clean and contemporary that integrated a simple online store.

Claire was an absolute pleasure to work with. I found her through a recommendation from a friend. She was enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgable, and she talked me through all the bits I didn't understand. She really went the extra mile when building my websites, and I'm thrilled with how they turned out.

Spark & Wild

I would love to take full credit for how beautiful the Spark & Wild website is, but a lot of that is down to Heather the owner.

I set up the site and put all of the pieces together. Heather is very hands on and so once everything was set up I taught Heather how to edit and make changes herself. 

On heathers site I also set up a digital shop for her to sell her templates and other digital products.

I have been wanting to get a website up for ages and after trying on my own multiple times, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own! But I was also scared off by the tech-savvy, fast talking website developers who I wasn’t sure I could understand, or understand me. Claire has very patiently explained what I needed to know, but didn’t burden me with unnecessary information. She provided me with screencast walk-throughs to explain changes, what she set up and how I could change things myself to take ownership over my own site. I definitely could not have done this by myself and appreciate Claire’s patience, easy manner and quick work. If you are not a tech-inclined person or are worried about being overwhelmed with website-speak, this is definitely who you need to work with!

Donna Grace

Donna wanted a simple website where she could let people know about all of the wonderful things she is offering.

Donna Grace offers holistic healing retreats, Astrology, Life Coaching, and she even has a podcast. I have added appointment booking and payment through the site.

The website changes often depending on what she is focused on.


Wellbeing2U is the second site I built for Donna Grace. This site has much more of a corporate feel as it is a massage service offered to businesses in Australia.

Donna wanted something clean and simple, that looks professional and is easy to navigate. 

I also created this landing page for her google ads.

Luxury Homes Tuscany

I was introduced to Mary through a contact who had told me that she was being ripped off by her previous website company.

They were taking a monthly fee from her and she was getting nothing in return. She was unable to make changes to her site without spending a lot of money, and the SEO services they should have been providing her were not making any difference.

Mary and I worked together to build Luxury Homes Tuscany. I put together the website and created all of the main pages, Mary then input all of the property details and I edited them for SEO.

Tuscan Luxury Properties

Tuscan Luxury Properties is the second site Mary and I have built together. The first was for vacation rentals in Tuscany, this one is for property sales in Tuscany.

Mary is very hands on and although I handle all of the technical aspects Mary does all of the date input on the site which saves her having to pay me to do it.

Claire is a wonderful and most of all honest person! She is professional and very transparent when she gives you advice. I have been working with her for almost 1 year and I am really happy to continue, she has built 2 websites for me and she knows her job very well. She is very responsive and explains things to you in a clear and easy way. I highly recommend her!


Orenda hasn’t launched yet but it has several different parts to it.

The first is a place where you can get information about holistic retreats around the world.

Phase two will be the online store selling artisanal products from around the world.

Phase three will be a blog.

This project I have worked with Spark & Wild who did the branding.


Emeis was another site was build with the site owner. Lizzy contacted me as she has started to build herself a website and quickly became overwhelmed.

I came in and edited her copy, did the SEO and then put all of the pieces together to help finish the website she started.

Lizzy did all of the graphics herself and she now manages the site herself. She just needed a helping hand to get started.

Normal Bodies

Normal Bodies is an art project. They needed a super simple website where people could see the uncensored paintings. 

All they wanted was the paintings, and of course information about how you could take part in the project.

Working with Claire on my website was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She took my brief and created a beautiful site that was beyond my expectations. Not only is it gorgeous, it also functions perfectly and looks great on all platforms. The ongoing support is also incredible - Claire always has solutions when I want to make changes and additions and I can't thank her enough for making the whole process effortless and stress-free.

Roaming Nanny

Roaming Nanny is a well known blogger. She built her blog on Squarespace and wanted to move it over to WordPress… no easy job!

I did the transfer and rebuild the site in WordPress. This had to be done quickly so she didn’t loose too much traffic during the downtime.

Once the site was moved Retha took back over and finished making the site look how she wanted.

I manage her hosting and I’m here if she has any questions, or needs a hand with anything complicated.

The ScubaTony Blog

The Scuba Tony Blog is a very simple basic blog attached to ScubeTony in Cozumel.

The blog is built on WordPress with SEO in mind to try and bring organic traffic to the main business site.

The Playa del Carmen Blog

Playa Del Carmen Blog is very similar to the ScubaTony Blog.

It was build to support Kay.Tours Mexico to bring in organic traffic to their main website.

An Education in Dating

An Education In Dating is another website that I moved from one platform to another.

Georgie had been on WordPress.com for many years and knew she needed to move over to WordPress.org. But this really isn’t so easy if you don’t know what you are doing.

So I moved it over for her and recreated it as best I could. She then took over and is continuing to make improvements when she can with my support when she needs it.

Dr. Morgan is a sort after dentist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (and my dentist). Dr. Morgan specializes in dental implants NYC

When Dr. Morgan decided to update his website I worked with him to create something new and fresh, which would help to bring in some new clients through SEO.