Here’s a question for all yoga teachers who want to

(or have already tried to) take their yoga business online:

If there was an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program with personalized support to get your website designed and set-up PLUS create a professional looking logo and branding …


Would you finally feel confident to scale your business by taking it online with a professional website, online teaching capabilities, booking system and branding? 

If there is one thing 2020 taught us it’s that we need to be prepared for ANYTHING.


Yoga studios shut down 

In-person yoga teacher trainings stopped

Yoga retreats were cancelled

‘Normal’ took on a whole new meaning…


The world as we know it has changed, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s an opportunity, if you see it as one.


By taking your yoga practice online you can bring the joy of yoga to so many more people. All physical restrictions have been lifted. This means that you no longer need to be physically present in one place as either a student or a teacher.

**Want to go backpacking in Thailand for 6 months and keep on teaching your regular students? No problem.**

**Got students who struggle with childcare and often can’t make it to the class in your studio? No longer an issue.**

**Want to cut out that extra time of commuting to the studio, your student’s home or elsewhere before and after your lesson? Commuting will be a thing of the past.**

**Want to be sure that you never again have to worry about your income should another global event happen?** 

So long as you have a website, a way of recording yourself, and a stable internet connection you have the ability to take your yoga business online.


Introducing …


The step-by-step guide you need to get your website and branding live, so you can take your yoga business online and reach more clients and make more money
(without having to become a tech expert, hire 12 different contractors or spend thousands of dollars)

Taking your Yoga Business Online is for you if:

  • You are a newly qualified yoga teacher and want to set up your new yoga business on a strong foundation.
  • You are an established yoga teacher who has started teaching online and needs a better way of reaching more people.
  • You already have a website but it SUCKS, plus you don’t know how to use it.
  • You want to be able to take payments online for your classes, retreats, workshops, and products.
  • You don’t want to pay $ to a website developer who has no idea about yoga.
  • You have little to no technical experience but are willing to dive in and give it a go.

This course is specifically created for yoga and other holistic wellness practitioners. It’s also made for people without any prior technical knowledge about creating a website.

You don’t need to have anything before starting this course, other than an idea of WHAT your business is and who your target clients will be. Everything else we will guide you through. 

That said, it’s fine if you’ve already made a start. Maybe you already know your business name and have a logo. Maybe you already have a website that you hate. Great! You are not starting from zero which is going to make the process that bit easier. 

This is an exclusive invitation for a select group of yoga teachers

We are looking for 20 yoga teachers who are ready to take their business online in 30 days… but haven’t done it yet.


Maybe you got a few quotes from web designers. But they were either way out of your budget, or you just didn’t trust them to build you a website that is going to reflect who you are as a yoga teacher.

Maybe you even started your website. You followed a few YouTube tutorials and became so overwhelmed you gave up.

You maybe have even had ‘get website going’ on your to-do list forever but are too busy actually teaching to take the time to do it.

You know you need to have your yoga business online – but you are too busy teaching to become a graphic designer, branding expert and tech whiz.


We get it! Because this stuff IS overwhelming.

You’re a yoga teacher, not a website designer, and all this tech stuff probably gives you a massive headache. But even if you did have $1000 USD to drop on a shiny new website, the thought of trusting someone else with this can be just as terrifying.

And let’s face it, you just don’t have access to all of the skills and information for WHAT you need to put on your website or HOW to build a website that does everything you need it to do.

You just need a website that will allow clients to find out about your classes, private lessons, accept payment and book sessions.

But even that seems like a monumental task when you start to research what you need to do and how …

After all, you’re a yoga practitioner, not a tech and branding expert!

It’s understandable you feel overwhelmed.

It makes total sense that you don’t know how to set up a website (why would you?).

It makes even more sense that the last thing you want to do is try to waste hours of your time trying to figure this out, when what you should really be focusing on is your teaching – and growing your business.


And it’s exactly why we created this course for ambitious and dedicated yoga teachers who are also: busy, overwhelmed, and budget-conscious.

You said this is a ‘beta’ program …
what exactly does that mean?

Fair question – and we’re glad you asked it!

Here’s the lowdown on why we are running this 30-day ‘beta’ and what that means for you.

Although the content and what we teach in this course is not new, the structure of delivering it inside a course is.


By running this program the first time as a ‘beta’ it will allow us to see if we’ve included everything necessary to ensure students will achieve their goals.

It also helps us to troubleshoot the tech, add in extra trainings, videos or guides. It also gives us the opportunity to get feedback from yoga teachers to find out what else we can do to support them in taking their business online.

Essentially, take ‘beta’ to mean that it’s the first time running it live with a group of students. It also means that anyone who joins this round of the program, will be a founding member and receive a lot of benefits and perks!

Great, so what is the benefit of me joining a beta version of a program?

And yes, although we get a lot of benefits from running a beta program as the course creators, rest assured there is plenty of benefit to you as a business owner as well! 

When you join the Taking Your Yoga Business Online beta program you get these amazing benefits and perks:

  • You will be part of a small group of only 20 students meaning you will get plenty of opportunity for 1-2-1 support from both of us (Claire & Heather) – this will not be available to this extent in future versions of the program
  • You get to help shape the course for both future students and yourself. Is there something you really want to learn, but isn’t covered in the course? Let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you and provide you that training and support.
  • When you join us inside the Beta version of this program, you are grandfathered into all subsequent intakes of the program. Meaning you will not only get the lowest price ever – but access to all future additions, changes and upgrades and bonuses!
  • Have we mentioned you are getting access to this at the lowest price it will ever be? Why not take advantage of a program that offers professional and top-notch knowledge and support, but at a fraction of the price of other courses or groups you’ve checked out?
  • Although the future versions of this program will be DIY with less hands-on support from us, in this version you will be taken through an intensive 30-day program offering you all the support you will need to launch your website and branding and take your yoga business online in less than 1 month!

YES! I want to join the program!

This is how Taking Your Yoga Business Online can help you

Workflow Tutorials

The lessons in this course will guide you through taking action. It’s full of workflow videos where we share our screen with you so you can see and follow along with us each step of the way. From buying your domain name to creating a custom logo from a Canva template.

Sharing what you
need to know

We are allergic to overcomplicating things. This may mean that if you have more advanced skills this course could be a little basic for you. It’s designed for yoga teachers who have limited technical knowledge and who just want to build a website, without falling down a rabbit hole of too much information.

Canva Templates

Know branding is important but no clue where to start? You are in the right place. Not only do we guide you through the entire branding process, but we even give you a whole bunch of easy-to-customize Canva mood board and logo templates – designed just for students on this course. 

How to write
your website copy

Don’t know what to write on your website? You are not alone. Writing website copy is HARD, especially if you aren’t an award-winning copywriter. But it’s a science, not necessarily an art. There is a whole module dedicated to helping you find your writing voice.

I’m Ready To Grow My Yoga Business

What You Are Going To Learn…

Module 1 – Getting Started

  • Choosing a Name
  • Buying your domain name
  • Getting your website hosted
  • Creating a professional email address
  • Introducing WordPress
  • Other tools you need to know about

Module 2 – Structuring Your Website

  • Mapping out your website
  • Deciding what you want the focus of your website to be
  • Structuring your website so you know exactly what needs to go where


Module 3 – Branding and Design

  • Establishing your branding foundations
  • Create your brand mood board
  • Choose your fonts
  • Create your custom logo
  • Your Branding style guide

Module 4 – Writing Copy That Connects

  • Finding your voice
  • Writing for the web
  • Module 5 – SEO Basics

    • What is SEO and why you need to know about it
    • How to find keywords
    • Writing meta descriptions and SEO titles
    • Technical SEO

    Module 6 – Site Set Up

    • Plugins and themes
    • Site settings
    • WordPress set up workflow
    • Setting up google analytics
    • Setting up a Facebook pixel
    • Elementor tour
    • Setting up colors and fonts
    • Adding pages and menus
    • How to set up your coming soon page

      Module 7 – Designing Your New Site

      • How to get inspired
      • Using Elementor templates
      • Adding animations
      • Header and footer
      • Contact page
      • About page
      • Classes page
      • Setting up a blog
      • Home page
      • Setting up the legal stuff
      • Setting up your online store
      • Keeping your site updated


      • Introducing Mailerlite
      • Learndash basics
      • Introducing Memberpress
      • Using Amazon S3
      • Setting up the YOAST SEO Plugin
      • Free logo, mood board, and social media templates


        This course draws on our years of collective experience in the holistic wellness industry alongside our knowledge and skills in website development, copywriting, branding and design consultancy.

        Taking Your Yoga Business Online is all about working SMARTER not harder. Do you want to be a website developer or graphic designer? Probably not!

        This course is going to walk you step by step through exactly what you need to know to get your website set-up, designed and live along with a professional brand that will help you stand out in your market.

        All without overwhelming you with unnecessary information or those long drawn out and expensive projects working with a graphic designer, branding strategist, SEO expert, copywriter and all the other people you’d need to pay to help you get this live.


        Meet Claire and Heather your guides through this course…

        IMAGE Founder Claire Summers |Contact Good Girls Website Design Services For Small Business

        Hi I’m Claire

        Alongside being a bit of a website nerd I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, pretty well-known travel blogger, published author, and crazy cat lady. 

        After paying not one but 2 website developers to build me a website that I was not happy with I gave up and took matters into my own hands. 

        Why did no one listen to what I wanted? Why was this so complicated? And why am I paying someone to do build me a website that is so complicated I can’t even use it.

        I wasted SOOOOOOO much $$$ and got so fed up with it all that I ended up having no choice but to do it myself.

        I’d be lying if I told you it was easy. Developing the skills I have as a website designer and front-end developer has taken me years (and a lot of money).

        But NEWSFLASH you don’t need to learn how to be a website designer, you just need to be walked through step-by-step what you need to know to build your own yoga website.

        After years of creating beautiful FUNCTIONAL websites for my clients and teaching them how to use their websites, I’ve got this down to a fine art. I know what you need to know to build a beautiful yoga website without making your brain explode with information. 

        Hi I’m Heather

        I’m an ex-teacher who has always had a passion for design and for teaching others. I was that kid that spent hours coloring in my coloring books! Now my IG & Pinterest feeds are nothing but a stream of design inspiration in all forms!

        While building my own business and coming up with all the branding, logo, social media and marketing content, I realized that I didn’t need to outsource this – and I definitely didn’t need an expensive graphic designer to do it for me. 

        With amazing tools like Canva, we can all be a designer (or at least design beautiful things). With some guidance and advice for best practice design principles, anyone can create high-quality, professional looking marketing pieces, logos, website content, social media and more! 

        Along with teaching other business owners how to create beautiful designs with easy-to-use tools, I also help them write killer copy that helps them sell more of their offers, products or courses

        Just so we’re clear …

        This is not a business planning course.
        This program is about taking action.

        Here’s exactly what we’ll guide you through so you can take that action:


        • Purchasing your business URL, setting up your web hosting, and connecting them together
        • Creating a beautiful, fully functioning website
        • Setting up a way of taking online payments for your classes, courses, retreats, and any other products you want to sell
        • Creating your business branding you can be proud of. (There is a whole module dedicated to establishing your branding – including building a logo from a template.
        • Access to extra live and recorded tutorials for extra support and guidance for the things that are important to your business: SEO, copywriting, social media graphics, and more.

        In addition to all of this you’ll also get:

        • To become part of a supportive community of 19 other like-minded yoga teachers who are going through this same journey as you.
        • Access to discounted products, services, and offers that will allow you to get your business online faster.
        • Flexibility and security knowing that you can teach from anywhere at any time PLUS the ability to reach more students and help more people.

        This course draws on our years of collective experience in the holistic wellness industry alongside our knowledge and skills in website development, copywriting, branding and design consultancy.

        We created this program for yoga teachers who want to
        work SMARTER  – not harder.

        Do you want to be a website developer or graphic designer? Probably not!

        We will walk you step-by-step through exactly what you need to know to get your website set-up, designed and live along with a professional brand that will help you stand out in your market.

        All without overwhelming you with unnecessary information or those long drawn out and expensive projects working with a graphic designer, branding strategist, SEO expert, copywriter and all the other people you’d need to pay to help you get your business online.

        What Others Are Saying About Good Girls…

        My type of work was something Heather wasn’t familiar with but she grasped my concepts easily and zeroed in on exactly what is important to highlight to my future clients. It exceeded my expectations. Heather was extremely generous with her time and support and provided me with reasonable action steps so I could get things DONE! What I will be able to do with my website and copy now is in total alignment to who I am, rather than changing my voice into something that isn’t me.
        Barbara Ptak
        Barbara PtakWellness Coach
        Claire is a wonderful and most of all honest person!
        She is professional and very transparent when she gives you advice. I have been working with her for almost 1 year and I am really happy to continue, she has built 2 websites for me and she knows her job very well. She is very responsive and explains things to you in a clear and easy way.
        I highly recommend her!
        Mary Di Lanno
        Mary Di LannoReal Estate Agent
        Working with Claire on my website was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She took my brief and created a beautiful site that was beyond my expectations. Not only is it gorgeous, it also functions perfectly and looks great on all platforms. The ongoing support is also incredible – Claire always has solutions when I want to make changes and additions and I can’t thank her enough for making the whole process effortless and stress-free.
        Sophie Bellamy
        Sophie BellamyWriter

        I’m in, can you just take my money already!?!

        Taking Your Yoga Business Online *Beta Version

        $ 125

        • Early adopter benefits like lowest price this program will ever be
        • Lifetime course access – PLUS access to all future upgrades & additions
        • 7 in-depth modules to guide you through the whole process
        • 44 easy to follow bitesize lessons including video walkthroughs you can follow along
        • Personalized attention and support from instructors (that won’t be offered to the same extent in future versions)
        • A community of other professionals in the same boat as you
        • Easy to use Canva logo templates to help you create your own business logo
        • Easy to use Canva moodboard templates so you can make sure your branding is on point


        Got questions? We got answers.

        Why are you pricing this so low if you say it’s so valuable?

        Although we definitely believe in pricing things to reflect their value – this is also the first time we’ve run this content with a group of students. In order to ensure that this course is the most valuable and practical it can be for yoga teachers, we wanted the opportunity to test it first with a group of committed yoga teachers. We are charging a (very low!) price for it, because it’s a proven fact that when people pay for things, they value it more. And we wanted every single person who participates in our beta program to be committed and prepared to see it through.

        Aren’t beta programs messy?

        Sometimes, sure. But they also come with a lot of upsides and perks. For one thing, we will be eager to prove ourselves and our content, so we’re likely to go above and beyond unlike we’ll ever do again! Plus, this will be the most accessible we’ll ever be, as the next versions of this program will not come with as much personalized support as this version. 

        Will I really have a website and branding done in 30-days with this program?

        If you commit to working through the modules inside the program, actively engaging with Claire, Heather and the community and putting into action what you learn – then yes. Having said that, things do come up, motivation can wane. We are here to guide you, support you and provide you all the tools, information and how-to’s you need to get your website and branding done in the 30 days. Afterall, if you are successful, we are successful! But, we are not here to drag you through kicking and screaming or to check in on you every day. It’s your responsibility to do the work, take the action and use the support and guidance we are offering you in a way that will help you to successfully get your yoga business website launched in the 30 days.

        How long do I have access to this program for?

        As a founding member of Take Your Yoga Business Online, you have lifetime access to all the course content. That includes any new content we add, added upgrades, bonuses and support through the Facebook group. As a founding member you will be able to provide feedback about what you’d like to see and what other content will help you the most. So it pays to share your honest feedback and help shape this course into something that is super valuable to you!

        What happens if I don’t have a completed website at the end of the 30 days? Will you refund my money?

        We are committed to working with this group over the next 30 days to make sure you’ve got all the tools, guidance and support you need to get your website and branding set-up and launched in the 30 days. Now … we aren’t your mama, so we won’t be coming after you if you haven’t done your weekly homework or completed tasks to the best of your ability. We are 100% here to support you, so if you get stuck, let us know so we can help. We also want to stress that this isn’t a race. So some students may get their website launched in 35 days, some in 14 days. It all depends on how much time you have to put toward this project and how committed you are to moving your business online.


        Of course, we do want you to be happy and satisfied with this program, so we do offer a money-back guarantee in the first 7 days if for some reason you are not happy with the course, the content or the support you are receiving. Please read the refund policy. 

        Why are you asking people to complete an application to join?

        This is simply because we want this founding group of students to be the most dedicated and committed group so that they will show up every week ready to take action, ask questions and do the work. There’s no point in us running a beta if people won’t have time, aren’t that committed to getting their business online or are sort of ‘one toe in’ sort of people. We are here and ready to put our all into this. So we want you to be ready to do the same.

        How much time will I need to devote to this each week?

        This is basically up to you and dependent on your schedule … but also dependent on how committed you are to getting your website up and growing your business. We’d recommend 2-3 hours a week at a minimum, but likely more if you want to sprint this and get things going. A bit of extra time up front will mean so much more benefit later. What’s a few longer days and extra hours over the next 4 weeks if it means you will have your website and branding done AND your entire business online? That’s a question we’ll leave you to answer.

        Do I need to be available to attend classes or workshops live?

        Nope! All the content for the modules are pre-recorded. You can move through them as fast or as slow as you like. We will at times offer extra support through the Facebook group, which may be as live videos. But everything will be recorded and available for you to watch at a time that suits you.

        If you are ready to take action and finally take your yoga business fully online, create a professional website for clients to find and book with you and create a professional branding you love… then we invite you to apply to be one of the 20 members for the beta program. 

        no more excuses! let’s do this!

        The surprising benefits of being an early adopter

        Why join a beta?

        • A highly reduced price because it’s the first one
        • A first run at the program and the chance to test out new, cool stuff that may not make it into the later versions
        • The chance to offer your feedback and shape future versions as a founding member
        • More attention and personalized support than the future DIY versions will offer
        • More value because we are eager to prove ourselves and our content and are likely to over-deliver so we are sure you’ll succeed!

        The Application

        Why are we asking you to apply to join this program?
        (aka why won’t you just take everyone’s money?!)

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        Our Guarantee

        We are confident that our Taking Your Yoga Business Online will help you to create a beautiful fully functioning website for your yoga business. If for any reason you are unhappy with the course we offer a 7- Day no hassle money-back guarantee.